Does your child participate in competitive sports at school? Is he or she frequently injured during sporting events? Read on and discover how remedial massage can be helpful to your son or daughter.

Improved Cardiovascular Function

Remedial massage is more intense than the kind of massage that one receives at a recreational spa. This intense massage helps to improve the rate at which blood flows through the body of an athlete. That improved blood flow helps to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the cells of the body. Waste products will also be quickly removed from body tissues after a sporting event. Consequently, your son or daughter will be able to feel energised faster after the exhausting physical exertion of competitive sporting events.

The improved blood flow also helps to lower the heart rate because the heart will not need to strain in order to force blood to flow to all parts of the body.

Improved Body Flexibility

Another key benefit that your son or daughter is likely to enjoy is an increased range of motion in his or her muscles. This is because the remedial massage helps the muscles to relax fully after a sporting event. Those relaxed muscles then become more flexible. This is crucial in preventing future injuries that could have resulted from stretching muscles that are tense.

Improved Focus

Remedial massage helps to get rid of any stress or anxiety that an athlete was having. Consequently, stress hormones, such as cortisol, will be minimal in the body. Pleasure bio-chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, will be secreted in the body. These chemicals help athletes to feel calm and relaxed. They are then in a better position to perform at a higher level because they will be able to focus once they are relaxed and calm.

Reduced Inflammation

Athletes can also suffer from less inflammation if they undergo remedial massage after a competitive event. This is because the massage improves blood flow (as already mentioned) and helps the body tissues to recover quickly from any damage that they suffered during the sporting event. Thus, the magnitude of swelling (inflammation) in the limbs will be lessened after a session of remedial massage.

You should remember that better results are likely to be realised once remedial massage is a regular part of the pre or post event schedule of your son or daughter. The cumulative effects of the massage will then help your child to compete regularly without missing any events due to preventable injuries or soreness.