Oftentimes, working on a construction project may take a physical toll on your hands and wrists, causing swelling, stiffness, and even excruciating pain in your hands and wrists. If you need to relieve pain and use your hand properly, a few hand exercises can be of great help. Different conditions will detect the type of hand exercise that will be appropriate for you. One therapy session can improve the range of motion of the joints while another can stretch the hand muscles and tendons; thus, releasing excess stiffness. With repeated exercises at home, your hand can build great power and endurance to overcome subsequent pain. Here are a few hand exercises to get you going.

Flexing and Extending Thumbs -- This exercise entails positioning your thumbs outwards from your body. Then move the thumbs towards your palm and hold them for a few seconds then back in successive motions. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times. Alternatively, start with one hand then move to the other.

The Hand Glide -- This exercise targets the muscles in your fingers. First, extend the fingers then curve them halfway through your palm to make a hook fist. The next step is to extend the fingers again before making a full fist. Then extend to make a straight hand. Finally, curve your fingers to make a straight fist. All these motions should seamlessly flow from each other. Switch to the other hand after several repetitions.

The Fist – Even though this exercise seems easy, it is very effective in relieving the stiffness in your hand. Extend your hand upwards and then slightly curve your fingers inwards to make a fist. Your thumb should be positioned outside your fist. The next step is to stretch your hand back to the starting position and repeat the exercise at least 10 times. Repeat the entire sequence on the other hand.

 The Finger Lift – For this exercise to be effective, try placing your hand on a flat surface, palm facing down, preferably on a table. Start lifting the fingers off the flat surface one at a time. Remember to do this in a slow and steady motion. When the finger is upwards, hold for a five seconds before lowering it for a full stretch of the muscles and tendons.  

Supplement these exercises with other simple hand movements at least three times a day to improve your hand and wrist's range of motion. If the pain and stiffness continue after a couple of days, it is advisable that you see a physiotherapy specialist to examine your hands.